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5.0 Sing

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Imdb Code: 0098335

Year: 2016

Category: Comedy

Release date: 2016-12-21

Director: Illumination Entertainment

Cast(s): Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton, Nick Offerman

Character(s): Buster Moon, Rosita, Ash, Johnny,

Age restriction: 13

A koala impresario stages a grand singing competition for the world's animals in order to save his elegant theater in this quirky animated musical.

Last 50 Comments About Sing Movie

  • Guy Lodge Variety
    Guy Lodge (Variety) / 9, 25 2017

    Lightning strikes thrice as Irish writer-director John Carney's let's-make-a-band formula once more yields winning results.

  • Scott Marks San Diego Reader
    Scott Marks (San Diego Reader) / 9, 21 2017

    John Carney (Begin Again) once again tries to reheat a Once souffle and instead serves up a flat, cheerily antiseptic period musical.

  • Walter V. Addiego San Francisco Chronicle
    Walter V. Addiego (San Francisco Chronicle) / 9, 21 2017

    Don't be deterred by the timeworn material - as a romantic vision of youth and rock, "Sing Street" is number one with a bullet.

  • Claudia Puig USA Today
    Claudia Puig (USA Today) / 9, 14 2017

    It quickly becomes a by-the-book, overly-simplified look at a quintet of single moms who find common ground coping with the challenges of raising middle-school age children and finding romance.

  • Stephanie Zacharek TIME Magazine
    Stephanie Zacharek (TIME Magazine) / 9, 14 2017

    You've seen every element of Sing Street hundreds of times before-it's Carney's knack for assembling them that makes the difference.

  • Katie Walsh Los Angeles Times
    Katie Walsh (Los Angeles Times) / 9, 15 2017

    A sweetly funny, charming and poignant depiction of this very specific time in life - at once universal and specific - when anything seems possible. And with killer pop tunes to boot.

  • Leslie Felperin Hollywood Reporter
    Leslie Felperin (Hollywood Reporter) / 9, 11 2017

    A veritable farmyard of fun.

  • Sheila O'Malley
    Sheila O'Malley ( / 9, 15 2017

    Carney has a humorous and loving eye for detail, an intuitive ear for dialogue, and the film is extremely personal in a way that is universal.

  • Calvin Wilson St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    Calvin Wilson (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) / 9, 29 2017

    With its intriguing characters and exhilarating music, "Sing Street" is the best film about being young, gifted and Irish since "The Commitments."

  • Peter Debruge Variety
    Peter Debruge (Variety) / 9, 11 2017

    For Illumination Entertainment, "Sing" is a game-changer, underscoring why company founder Chris Meledandri is the hottest name in animation today.

  • Bilge Ebiri New York Magazine/Vulture
    Bilge Ebiri (New York Magazine/Vulture) / 9, 05 2017

    Though Sing Street is much more stylized and broad than Once, it remains true to Carney's fondness for grounded fantasy.

  • Brad Wheeler Globe and Mail
    Brad Wheeler (Globe and Mail) / 9, 22 2017

    While this darling film is inspired by a year in the sentimental filmmaker's own early life, it is founded on the hope and charm of song.

  • Colin Covert Minneapolis Star Tribune
    Colin Covert (Minneapolis Star Tribune) / 9, 28 2017

    In three features, Carney has made his personal greatest hits album.

  • Alison Willmore BuzzFeed News
    Alison Willmore (BuzzFeed News) / 9, 04 2017

    The film captures the earnestness and the silliness of the boys' efforts, but also how little that matters when you're discovering what it feels like to create something.

  • Peter Keough Boston Globe
    Peter Keough (Boston Globe) / 9, 16 2017

    In Tyler Perry's latest opus, "The Single Moms Club," he demonstrates how disparate stereotypes can find common ground through the power of a single cliche.

  • Steven Rea Philadelphia Inquirer
    Steven Rea (Philadelphia Inquirer) / 9, 22 2017

    Carney understands how music not only provides a soundtrack for a life, but can change a life, too.

  • Bilge Ebiri New York Magazine/Vulture
    Bilge Ebiri (New York Magazine/Vulture) / 9, 14 2017

    These are some great actresses, and with writer-director-producer Perry displaying some rare focus, you're intrigued at first by the possibility of watching them interact for a couple of hours. It doesn't last.

  • Gary Goldstein Los Angeles Times
    Gary Goldstein (Los Angeles Times) / 9, 14 2017

    Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club is a sitcom masquerading as a feature film. And given Perry's snowballing small-screen presence, an eventual TV show of it would be no surprise.

  • Moira MacDonald Seattle Times
    Moira MacDonald (Seattle Times) / 9, 28 2017

    Carney has an uncanny way of telling a story through music. "Sing Street" reminds us of being young and lost in a song, realizing with a jolt that someone else had the same feelings we did.

  • A.O. Scott New York Times
    A.O. Scott (New York Times) / 9, 14 2017

    The movie understands how enchantment and disappointment go together, like the A and B sides of a single that won't leave the turntable.

  • Bill Zwecker Chicago Sun-Times
    Bill Zwecker (Chicago Sun-Times) / 9, 13 2017

    While the subject is very timely and worthy, this lame tale just falls completely flat.

  • Joshua Rothkopf Time Out
    Joshua Rothkopf (Time Out) / 9, 15 2017

    Built out of crowd-pleasing elements as durable as a lacquered, sky-high '80s hairdo, writer-director John Carney's coming-of-age musical is a synth-drenched joy: a tuneful, deeply personal ode to the impulse that forges a high school rock band.

  • Steve Pond TheWrap
    Steve Pond (TheWrap) / 9, 19 2017

    It starts out fun and then sneaks up on you for a final stretch that is both rousing and genuinely emotional.

  • Alonso Duralde TheWrap
    Alonso Duralde (TheWrap) / 9, 14 2017

    Fans of Carney's lush romanticism and hook-laden lyricism will be thrilled to add this one to their playlist.

  • Brian Truitt USA Today
    Brian Truitt (USA Today) / 9, 14 2017

    Carney digs deeper than the usual universal love story to comment on Irish life in 1985 and sets it to a soundtrack that hits all the right notes for those with fond memories of Swatch watches and Trapper Keepers.

  • Alonso Duralde TheWrap
    Alonso Duralde (TheWrap) / 9, 14 2017

    In any other movie, the filmmaker would rightly be accused of trafficking in lazy stereotypes, but lazy stereotypes are the beachhead into which Tyler Perry has firmly planted his flag.

  • David Ehrlich indieWIRE
    David Ehrlich (indieWIRE) / 9, 14 2017

    Once with a bigger budget and smaller actors, this is a winsomely entertaining musical tribute to how passion can pave the way towards a better life.

  • A.A. Dowd AV Club
    A.A. Dowd (AV Club) / 9, 14 2017

    The fun of Sing Street, set during a big boom period for U.K. rock, is that it allows Carney's fond, romanticized memories of his glory days to double as a musical history lesson .

  • Frank Scheck Hollywood Reporter
    Frank Scheck (Hollywood Reporter) / 9, 14 2017

    This is a club that you don't want to join.

  • David Rooney Hollywood Reporter
    David Rooney (Hollywood Reporter) / 9, 26 2017

    A rite-of-passage romance wrapped in a let's-make-a-band scenario, the disarming film colors its social realism with the kind of wish-fulfillment fantasy often found in a four-minute music video.

  • Ann Hornaday Washington Post
    Ann Hornaday (Washington Post) / 9, 21 2017

    Warm, ingratiating, with a beat you can dance to, "Sing Street" is a feel-good movie that never demands to be liked. Instead it asks, politely and irresistibly.

  • Peter Travers Rolling Stone
    Peter Travers (Rolling Stone) / 9, 14 2017

    Sing Street is the most romantic movie you'll find anywhere these days, brimming over with music, fun and the thrill of first love.

  • Scott Foundas Variety
    Scott Foundas (Variety) / 9, 14 2017

    A surprisingly sharp and funny female-empowerment ensembler.

  • Christopher Orr The Atlantic
    Christopher Orr (The Atlantic) / 9, 24 2017

    I could scarcely be more delighted to report that Carney has rediscovered the magic of Once with Sing Street, another tiny, winsome charmer set in Dublin.

  • Bill Goodykoontz Arizona Republic
    Bill Goodykoontz (Arizona Republic) / 9, 28 2017

    A delightful film that is almost impossible to watch without a smile on your face.

  • Kyle Smith New York Post
    Kyle Smith (New York Post) / 9, 14 2017

    If "Once" was a densely crafted album, "Sing Street" is more like a perfectly crafted single: "Crazy Little Thing Called Youth."

  • Sheila O'Malley
    Sheila O'Malley ( / 9, 14 2017

    "The Single Moms Club" is almost good.

  • Richard Brody New Yorker
    Richard Brody (New Yorker) / 9, 18 2017

    It's all too sweet and easy, and the band's music-which is composed by John Carney, the movie's writer and director, and Gary Clark-is bland and overproduced.

  • Adam Graham Detroit News
    Adam Graham (Detroit News) / 9, 06 2017

    As a testament to the power of music, the bond of brotherhood and the boundless possibilities of youth, "Sing Street" just plain works.

  • Alan Scherstuhl Village Voice
    Alan Scherstuhl (Village Voice) / 9, 13 2017

    Singing, dreaming, making out: Despite some familiar formula, these characters make all three feel new again.

  • Joe Morgenstern Wall Street Journal
    Joe Morgenstern (Wall Street Journal) / 9, 14 2017

    The whole film is unlikely, a joyous story of youth, innocence, sweet earnestness, charming ineptitude and a shaky but productive belief on the hero's part that he can do anything he pleases.

  • Chris Nashawaty Entertainment Weekly
    Chris Nashawaty (Entertainment Weekly) / 9, 14 2017

    Just wondering, but if these sisters are indeed capable of doing it for themselves as the film insists, why can't at least one of them do it without a man?

  • Amy Nicholson L.A. Weekly
    Amy Nicholson (L.A. Weekly) / 9, 14 2017

    This is How Stella Got Her Groove Back for the Pop-Tart crowd, a wish-fulfillment weepie that narrowly clears Perry's low bar, thanks mostly to Wendi McLendon-Covey and Cocoa Brown

  • Peter Keough Boston Globe
    Peter Keough (Boston Globe) / 9, 21 2017

    Those put off by the prospect of a musical in the '80s pop style of Duran Duran or Pet Shop Boys should cast their prejudices aside when it comes to John Carney's "Sing Street." You might find yourself singing along.

  • Cary Darling Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
    Cary Darling (Fort Worth Star-Telegram/ / 9, 21 2017

    A good-natured, old-fashioned, crowd-pleasing Irish pop musical that doesn't go anywhere unexpected but has a great time getting there.

  • David Hiltbrand Philadelphia Inquirer
    David Hiltbrand (Philadelphia Inquirer) / 9, 16 2017

    The moral here is that no challenge is insurmountable if you form a club. And keep a wine opener handy.

  • J. R. Jones Chicago Reader
    J. R. Jones (Chicago Reader) / 9, 21 2017

    Here [Carney's] got the balance just right, delivering a funny and heartfelt tale about a Dublin teen in the mid-80s.

  • Stephen Whitty New York Daily News
    Stephen Whitty (New York Daily News) / 9, 13 2017

    "Sing Street" is just like the old singles it idolizes - sharp, slick, snappy. And it leaves you with nothing more than an urge to sit through it all again.

  • Jordan Hoffman New York Daily News
    Jordan Hoffman (New York Daily News) / 9, 14 2017

    [T]his is a film about catharsis and camaraderie, not logic.

  • Connie Ogle Miami Herald
    Connie Ogle (Miami Herald) / 9, 28 2017

    Sing Street feels personal, as well as universal, and it captures the warring factions of youthful euphoria and despair.


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